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Our services

We have highly qualified technicians who are well trained in their respectful fields. Our team has the analytical ability for effective and appropriate engineering solutions to problems.


Electrical Engineering

We deal with large-scale electrical systems such as motor control, power transmission and utilizing electricity to transmit energy. We work with diverse technologies to attend clients from household appliances to wiring buildings, telecommunication systems, electrical power stations and satellite communications. We have highly qualified electricians who are professional and perform their duties safely and effectively.

  • We deal with a variety of disciplines mainly.
  • Electronic engineering- Circuits such as resistors, capacitors, inductors and transistors.
  • Power engineering- Electricity design of related electrical devices such as transformers, generators, motors and power electronics.
  • Telecommunication engineering- transmission of information via cables.

General building Maintenance

We do building maintenance and repairs and we can handle a variety of tasks. Our team possesses skills encompassing most of the construction trades.

  • Routine maintenance- Inspecting the building regularly, replacing floor boards, doors, burn out lightings, change HVAC filters. Performing procedures on machinery and equipment such as greasing bearings, change hydraulic fluid.
  • Cleaning duties- thorough cleaning of the building, waxing floors, picking up litter and cleaning light fixtures.
  • Miscellaneous duties- Installing cables. Hanging new drape, installing bulletin boards. Exterior maintenance to items such as gates, parking lots and fences
  • Repair fixtures and equipment- Painting, extending work stations, basic electrical and HVAC maintenance.



Mechanical Engineering

We work on power producing machines such as generators, electric stoves, electric motors, steam and gas. We also work on power producing machines such as refrigeration, air conditioning equipment; chiller plants, ducting and ventilation, machine tools, material handling systems and industrial production equipment used in manufacturing. We apply mature engineering judgments throughout decision-making with engineering problems.

Installation, Service, Repair and Maintenance

  • Air conditioning service repair and installation
  • Chiller plant service and maintenance
  • Air handling units repairs and maintenance
  • Refrigeration, cold and freezer rooms service, installations, repair and maintenance
  • Fume cabinets testing and validation
  • Boiler repairs, service and maintenance
  • Duct systems cleaning and validation
  • Electric transformers repairs
  • Electric lights, plugs and testing
  • Generator repairs, service and maintenance
  • Heat and water pumps repairs
  • Electric and fan motor repairs
  • Hanger doors repairs
  • Scrubber repairs
  • Cooling towers service and repair
  • Compressor repairs
  • General building maintenance

We Are A Unique Mechanical and Electrical Engineering company in South Africa

141 Trouw Street

Capital Park, Pretoria

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